Lesson Plans Wednesday, January 27, 2016

John Whitman
January 26, 2016

Elbows 1-3
DRILL: Cue & Do
Grps 2, Pad, Striker. Striker begins neutral, eyes closed. Padholder circles, cueing for any Elbow 1-3. Rnd 1: 1 Elbow per cue, reset. Switch pad after round. Switch again, Rnd 2: 2 elbows per cue. Switch. Rnd 3: 2 Elbows per cue, sprint to designated “exit”.

Front Kick Groin
Grps 2, Pad, Striker. Striker can begin in fighting stance. Upon pad cue send combo: FGK + Straight Burst + Elbow 1 + Sprint to “Exit”.

Front Choke (2 Hand Pluck)

DRILL - WARMUP: Ground and Pound
Grps 2, each with Kick Shield. Begin at opposite ends of gym, mounted on pad. GO! all out ground and pound. RUN/ARMY CRAWL/BEAR CRAWL! cue to switch to partners pad using assigned movement. Repeat for time.

Ground - Forward Roll
Ground - Forward Roll + Back Fall Break
Grps 3, Defender, 2 Attackers with focus mitts on. All 3 begin and one end of gym. Defender performs Front Roll + Fall Break, staying in ground position. Attackers chase, kneeling beside and start swatting. On instructor’s “UP!” cue, defender gets up and attempts to stack attackers, clinching is permitted. Rotate after time each round. Rotate for through at least once more per person.

Advanced : Gun Front

Same as above, but only one attacker has mitts, other a gun. After “UP!” cue defender rises and gun is presented for defense. Reset/Repeat same defender for several rounds.

Review Ground Defenses Mount and Guard: TB&R, Choke, Headlocks, Kicking Off
Cavaliers w/ Takedowns
Headlock from the Side, Spinning Inward

Grps 2, A/B. B attacks with Cavalier/Takedown or Headlock, then enters mount or guard. A then must defend which ground attack is applied to get back to feet and reset.

If time, free rolling.

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