Lesson Plans Wednesday, January 22, 2020

John Whitman
January 22, 2020

Beginner (A1)

Punches-Left/Right Combination

Front Kick to a Vertical Target


Drill 1: Changing range; Curved kick shield holder and Striker; Striker always begins with FKVT, and depending on hold, follows up with Left/Right Combination or Knee

Drill 2: A/B Drill; Groups of 3; 2 pad holders per group. Pad holders stand at opposite end of the mat with Striker between them. On instructor's call of "A!" Striker sprints to pad designated as A and makes non-stop Left/Right Combinations to pad, hard and fast. On instructor's call of "B!" Striker sprints to second pad holder and makes non-stop Knees. Sometimes they barely get a strike in before sprinting, and other times they are striking for longer than they want to.

Choke from the Side

Choke from Behind

Final Drill: Groups of 3; 1 curved kick shield holder; 1 Attacker; 1 Striker/Defender. Striker is working Drill 1 from earlier in class on curved kick shield. At any time, Attacker can apply Choke from the Side or Choke from Behind.

Intermediate (A1)

Headbutt to the Side

Headbutt Backward

Combo #8 (Rear uppercut/Lead Hook/Cross--quick review from Tuesday)

Drill: Striker stands in neutral position with eyes closed. Pad holder gives tap or verbal cue and holds for Headbutt to the Side or Headbutt Backward. Striker makes appropriate headbutt and follows up with an elbow and 4 clinch knees.

Drill: Add Combo #8 after 4 clinch knees. Discuss importance of boxing out of clinch to make space.

Forward Roll; Figure 4

Drill: Defender stands in front of pad. Attacker stands behind Defender and gives a shove. Defender makes Forward Roll; Figure 4 over pad. Attacker picks up pad for 6 hand combatives. Switch roles for time.

Forward Roll; Back Fall Break

Drill: Same as above, but pad in center of mat. On Attacker's shove, Defender sprints and makes Forward Roll; Back Fall Break over pad. Defender picks up pad for Front Kick from the Ground.

Advanced (A1)

Axe Kick

Jumping Front Kick

Drill 1: Target recognition for 4 punches, Round Kick with either leg, Axe Kick, or Jumping Front Kick

Drill 2: Same as above in opposite stance

Drill 3: On instructor's call of "CLINCH" Striker makes nonstop clinch knees until instructor calls "TIME" to return back to drill.

Knife Threat, defend to dead side

Knife Threat, defend to live side

Drill: Circle of Death; groups of 5-6. Defender in center for non-stop attacks of Levels 1-3 + Knife Threat, dead or live side.

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