Lesson Plans Wednesday, January 20, 2021

John Whitman
January 20, 2021

Punches Left/Right Combination
DRILL : Slow & GO!
Grps 2, Padholder, Striker. SLOW!=Less frequent power straights. GO!=All out straights.

Knees w/ Clinch
Basic Takedown Defense
DRILL : Reaction
Grps 2, Padholder, Striker. Striker neutral, eyes closed. Padholder can cue with distance for straight punches + clinch/knees OR cue and rush in for “tackle”, striker stops takedown and counters with knees.

Ground Back Position/Getup
Grps 2, Atkr, Defr. Defenders begin on backs. Attackers begin various distances away holding pad. When attacker begins to get up, attacker rushes attempting to get as close as possible. Depending on distance after getting up, defender sends punches or clinches for knees.

Advancing Front Kick (Neutral and Fighting)
Defense v. Front Kick (Redirect)
Ground - Kick of from Guard
Ground - Choke from the Side
Gps 2, A/B. A attacks with advancing kick. B defends. A ends up on back, either taken down by B or simply falls. B attacks with Ground Side Choke. Reset.

Same as flow above. However, after falling to ground, can attempt to intercept/fight off choke before being set.

DRILL : W/U - Front Kick Review
Grps 2, Striker, Padholder. Striker sends assigned kick for about 30 seconds, then pass pad. FGK, Knee w/o Clinch, DFK, FKVT

Jumping Front Kick
Mouth of Hand Punch
DRILL : Reaction
Grps 2, Striker, Padholder. Instructor cues for KICK! or PUNCH! indicating which strike to send first. After cued strike, striker should continue to string strikes together until instructor cues to RESET!

Ground - Knife Defense while Mounted

Ground Sparring
Grps 2. Designate A/B. Begin in various positions on the ground (Back to Back, Kneeling, Mount, Guard, etc.) Goal is to gain dominant position/tap. 60s rounds. About 15-30 seconds into each round, call “FREEZE!” and cue A/B. Both stand and whoever was cued alternates sending light-ish Jumping Front Kicks to partner’s stomach. Return to ground and resume whatever is left of 60s.

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