Lesson Plans Wednesday, February 6, 2019

John Whitman
February 6, 2019

Beginner (A2)

Straight Punch with Advance

Straight Punch with Retreat

Elbows 4 and 5

Drill: Groups of 3; 2 pad holders, 1 Striker. Padholder 1 calls "ADVANCE" for 4 advancing straight punches or "RETREAT" for 4 retreating punches. At any time, Padholder 2 can give tap to Striker from behind. Striker makes Elbow 4 or Elbow 5 depending on hold, turns and faces for 4 advancing punches, and then returns to Padholder 1.

Headlock from Behind

Drill: Same as previous drill, but Padholder 2 can also apply Headlock from Behind at any time.


Intermediate (A2)

Thai Pads

Round 1: Hands only

Round 2: Hands and feet

Round 3: Sprawl to 2 frame-hold knees on Padholder's call

Ground – Foot Grab Strip

Ground – Foot Grab Spin Inward

Ground – Foot Grab Spin Outward

Ground – side mount position and strikes

Drill: A begins on ground in Basic Ground Position. B is standing and moving, forcing A to make movement on ground. B grabs A's foot at any time and attempts to get Side Mount. A makes appropriate Foot Grab defense.


Advanced (A2)

Thai Pad Cauldron

Round 1: Free work with pad holder calling all combinations including kicks + cover against the cross, counter with a #6

Round 2: For every call with a kick, Striker makes 2 round kicks + cover against the lead hook, counter with a #7

Round 3:  opposite stance! Parry the (in theory, opposite stanced opponent’s) cross, and counter with a lead hook and cross. For every call with a kick, Striker makes 3 round kicks. Add sprawls on Instructor's call.

Advanced Gun – from kneeling position

Drill: Roaming attackers. Defender/Striker begins mounted on pad sending all out strikes. Attackers “throw” strikers to ground and pick up pad. Striker gets into Ground – Back position, tracking padholder and sending kicks when approached. After several kicks, padholder should throw pad down, for mount/strikes, OR attackers can make a verbal cue and apply Advanced Gun – from kneeling position. Defender must make defense starting from mounted position on pad.

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