Lesson Plans Wednesday, February 5, 2020

John Whitman
February 5, 2020

Beginner (A2)

Straight Punches

Straight Punch Low

Round Kick

Round 1: Straight punches only. Pad holder calls a number between 1 and 4. Striker makes that number of straight punches, always beginning with the lead hand.

Round 2: Work changing levels on straight punches with straight punch to the body. Pad holder calls a number with “Low” at the end, i.e. 2 Low, 3 Low and the last punch will be a straight punch to the body. Have pad holder orient the pad vertically for these combinations to allow for a smoother level transition.

Round 3: Pad holder calls 1K-4K. Add a round kick to the end of the combination.

Drill: Dive for the Pads. Have partners line up facing each other at the center of the mat with the curved KS between them. Partners should be equidistant from the pad, with elbows on knees. On instructor’s call of “GO!” students attempt to grab the pad. Whoever touches pad first gets to hold for nonstop straight punches until instructor calls “TIME.” Play with variations of distance (3 steps away, at opposite ends of the mat), combatives (do a few rounds with round kick as the combative instead of straight punches), and how they must get there (begin on stomach facing away from pad, bear crawl, army crawl, etc.). Rotate one line at regular intervals to allow for different match-ups.

Inside Defense v. Straight Punch Low

Choke from the Front with a Push

Drill: Same as above, but the first person to touch the pad can now hold for 20 straight punches OR attack with Straight Punch Low OR attack with Choke from the Front with a Push.

Intermediate (A2)

Thai Pads

Round 1: Hands only

Round 2: Hands and feet

Round 3: Sprawl to 2 frame-hold knees on Padholder’s call

Ground – Foot Grab Strip

Ground – Foot Grab Spin Inward

Ground – Foot Grab Spin Outward

Ground – side mount position and strikes

Drill: A begins on ground in Basic Ground Position. B is standing and moving, forcing A to make movement on ground. B grabs A’s foot at any time and attempts to get Side Mount. A makes appropriate Foot Grab defense.

Advanced (A2)

Thai Pad Cauldron

Round 1: Free work with pad holder calling all combinations including kicks + cover against the cross, counter with a #6

Round 2: For every call with a kick, Striker makes 2 round kicks + cover against the lead hook, counter with a #7

Round 3:  opposite stance! Parry the (in theory, opposite stanced opponent’s) cross, and counter with a lead hook and cross. For every call with a kick, Striker makes 3 round kicks. Add sprawls on Instructor’s call.

Advanced Gun – from kneeling position

Drill: Roaming attackers. Defender/Striker begins mounted on pad sending all out strikes. Attackers “throw” strikers to ground and pick up pad. Striker gets into Ground – Back position, tracking padholder and sending kicks when approached. After several kicks, padholder should throw pad down, for mount/strikes, OR attackers can make a verbal cue and apply Advanced Gun – from kneeling position. Defender must make defense starting from mounted position on pad.

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