Lesson Plans Wednesday, February 24, 2016

John Whitman
February 23, 2016

Palm Heels
Grps 2, Striker, Padholder. Strikers begin laying on ground eyes closed. Padholders roam around, cuing striker with pad tap on back. Striker springs to feet sending all out Palm Heels until padholder “RESET!”.

Ground - Side Position/Getup
Ground - Side Kick
Grps 2, Padholder, Striker. Striker begins in Ground - Side Position, Padholder begins various distances in front of striker. When striker begins to get up, padholder can rush toward. Striker must react accordingly sending kick or palm heels depending on if getup is successful.

Rear Choke w/ Push

Same as previous drill above, but pick at least one pair randomly to roam and apply Rear Choke w/ Push after striker gets to feet.

Inside Slap Kick
Outside Slap Kick
DRILL: Cue & Do
Grps 2, Striker, Padholder. Padholder wearing focus mitts, positions mitt for either slap kick and cues to “HIT!” Striker sends appropriate kick.

Defense vs High Round 3 Points
Defense vs High Round Covering (if time)
Grps 2. Determine A/B. A begins holding a knife. A presents knife to B. B sends slap kick as appropriate. (Realistic/Smart? No, but have fun with it.) After knife is kicked from and A (person knife was kicked from) sends a High Round kick for B to defend against.

Bearhug Rear - Arms Free
Same as previous drill above, but add roaming attackers to attack person being presented the knife with Bearhug for defense.


DRILL - WARMUP: 3 Position Punches
Grps 2, Striker, Padholder. Instructor cues “STAND!, KNEES! or BACK!”. Striker transitions to cued position and sends all out strikes.

Sweep w/ Heel Kick
Ground - Full Mount, Hand Pinned
Ground - Full Mount, Wrists Together
Grps 2. Determine A/B. A sweeps B and mounts with either attack above, B defends. Switch roles and repeat.

Advanced Gun - Kneeling
Same as above, but assign roaming attackers with guns. Interrupt the ground defense after rolling to present gun while defender is kneeling.

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