Lesson Plans Wednesday, February 20, 2013

John Whitman
February 20, 2013

At end of Warm Up: partner drill with sit ups; pad holder anchors the partner's feet and holds a pad low; the person doing the drill sits up and punches. First sit up: 2 punches; Second sit up, 4 punches; Third sit up, 6 punches; Fourth sit up, 8 punches; Fifth sit up, 10 punches; Sixth sit up 10 punches; Seventh sit up, 8 punches...and back down.
360 Defense
Advanced -- 360 Defense with Simultaneous Counter
Advanced - Knife Defense v. Downward Stab (just like 360 above); defend and counter ONLY, then make distance
Drill: groups of 3; partner holds pad; defender makes punches; third person gives a verbal signal and makes a downward stab; defender must defense; the knife attacker should give enough warning so that the defender can turn.

Sparring Day
Review Inside Defenses
Review Hook PUnch Defenses (or 360 if the group doesn't know hooks)
Leg Defense v. Groin Kick (redirecting)
Defense v. Low Round Kick (shin block and absorb)
Sparring Drills (light contact):
1. One attack, one defend slowly
2. One attack with hands only, other with legs only
3. One uses forward hand/rear leg; other uses rear hand/forward leg
4. Regular sparring

Thai Pad Combo: Combo #6: Cross/Hook/Cross/Left Round Kick
Thai Pad Combo: Combo #7: Hook/Cross/Hook/Right Round Kick
Knife Upward Stab

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