Lesson Plans Wednesday, December 13, 2017

John Whitman
December 13, 2017

Beginner (B3)

Left/Right Combination

Straight Punch Low

Round Kick

Introduction to Thai Pads: 2 minute rounds with 30 seconds rest

Round 1: Pad holder calls a number 1-4. Striker throws that number of straight punches, always beginning with the lead hand.

Round 2: Pad holder can also call 1 Body-4 Body. Striker's last punch now ends in a Straight Punch Low

Round 3: Pad holder can also call 1 Kick-4 Kick, and add an opposite leg round kick to the punch combination

Inside Defense

Inside Defense v. Straight Punch Low

Drill:  10 for 10, attacker can throw a Straight Punch or Straight Punch Low. If attacker can make contact with defender's stomach before the Inside Defense v. Straight Punch Low is completed, the defender does 3 burpees. Have students change partners multiple times.


Intermediate (D3)

Side Kick (with and without advance)

Back Kick

Drill: Warming up with Target Recognition: 1) 2 punches to elbow #1, 2)Front Kick to DW Hammerfist, 3) Round kick to same leg knee

Drill: Groups of 3: Monkey in the middle, (approximately 1 minute unless students not getting fatigued), non-stop palm strikes on padholder #1, Padholder #2 holding for Elbow 3 OR Back Kick OR side kick, striker returns to palm strikes on padholder

Bearhug from Behind with a Lift

Drill: Monkey in the middle from earlier but now second padholder can apply Bearhug from Behind with a Lift.


Advanced (D3)

Conditioning Drill: 3 minutes on the clock: 10 hand combatives, 10 FKG, 5 round kicks right, 5 round kicks left, 2 burpees, switch pad. Have partner groups compete for who can get the most rounds in the 3 minutes.

Drill: Punch one direction, kick in another

Full Nelson – finger strip

Long Gun from Behind, touching (both sides)

Drill: Groups of 3, 1 defender, 2 attackers. Defender stands in neutral with eyes closed. Attackers can apply Full Nelson – finger strip OR Long Gun from Behind, touching (both sides) OR can pick up pads, position themselves with defender in the middle, and verbal cue for Punch one direction, kick in another.

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