Lesson Plans, Wednesday, August 6th

John Whitman
August 5, 2014

Warmup Drill: Knee Speed/Power/GO!
Striker holds padholder in Muay Thai Clinch and sends knees based on instructor cue. “SPEED”=alternating knees as fast as possible, focusing on speed
“POWER”=lower frequency knees focusing on as hard as possible, focusing on form.
“GO!”=Mix of speed and power.

Palm Heel Strike
Striker eyes closed. Padholder cues from any angle (front, side, rear). Striker opens eyes, turns to face pad (if necessary) and sends a burst of palm heel strikes until padholder cues to reset. Striker can send side/rear strikes while turning, if known.

Elbows 4-7
Similar to above, but striker is cued for and sends appropriate elbow, turns to get padholder into clinch and send all out knees until told to reset.

Choke from the Front with a Push

Warmup Drill: Stomp Relay
Groups of 2. Both begin at one of the gym with a KS on the ground, curve down. One begins all out stomps on the pad. The other moves to the opposite end of gym and back, by assigned movment (run/sprint, shuffle, bearcrawl, etc.) to relieve striker.

Defensive Front Kick

Drill: Walking Kicks
Beginning at one end of the gym, striker kicks padholder across room with DFKs, alternating kicking after each kick.

Ground - Kick off from Guard
Ground - Guard Reversal

Final Drill: “Free Roll”
One partner is in other’s guard. Both attempt to gain/keep dominant position. Person on bottom can use any known techniques, but should emphasize Kick Off/Guard Reversal if possible.

Warmup Drill: Retzef Combo
Padholder with Tombstone held to chest. On instructor’s cue of “GO!”, the striker sends a constant series of strikes consisting of overhand, straight and uppercut punches using both hands. Goal is to move as fluid and fast as possible, minimizing time between strikes.
Perform several rounds beginning slow and working up to full speed.

Chops (inside and outside)
Mouth of Hand Punch

Either chop/Opp Hand HF/Mouth of Hand Punch

Gun Front Review (Redirect + Punch)

Gun to the Side of the Head

Final Drill:
Striker returns to Retzef Combo above. Attacker approaches placing gun to striker’s head. For added intensity, instructor can cue to “RUN!” requiring the striker to sprawl, then run and touch the walls on opposite ends of the gym (doesn’t matter which they run/touch first) before returning to their padholder.

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