Lesson Plans Wednesday, August 30, 2017

John Whitman
August 29, 2017


Straight Punch Advancing

Inside Defense

Straight Punch Low

Inside Defense Low


Groups of 2. One person attacks with Straight Punch High or Low, other defends. Alternate back and forth. When instructor cues to “RUN!” each person must run and touch BOTH walls on opposite end of the gym before returning to original spot and resuming attacks/defenses.

Choke Rear w/ Push

Groups of 3, A, B, C. (A) attacks (B) with either Straight Punch High or Low. (C) attacks (A) with Choke Rear w/ Push. After defending, (A) returns to attacking (B). Repeat for time then rotate positions.



Inside Slap Kick

Outside Slap Kick


Groups of 2, Striker, Padholder. Striker sends either an Inside Slap Kick, Outside Slap Kick, Round House Kick, or Inside Round House Kick based on Pad cue, then follows with a burst of Straight Punches until Padholder cues to “RESET!”

Defense vs High Front Kick (Redirect)


Groups of 2, both with shin guards and Thai pads. One sends a High Round Kick, other Redirects. After redirection, Attacker holds pads for any of the kicks above. Defender sends appropriate kick and finishes with burst of Straight Punches until Attacker cues to “RESET!” Switch beginning Attacker each round.

Reverse Headlock Standing


Roaming Attackers. Defenders begin just in front of a wall, eyes closed, spinning slowly. Depending on position of Defender at the point of attack, Attacker either pushes back into wall, or spins to face forward, then applies Reverse Headlock Standing. Reset after defense.



DRILL: Guard Position/Control

Groups of 2, one in guard. Person pulling guard attempts to pull in/control other person to them using legs and arms. Other person attempts to create space, get to feet. Switch roles after every round.

DRILL: Slow & GO! Strikes in Guard

Groups of 2, person on bottom pulls guard and holds pad across chest. Person in guard Stacks and on “GO!” sends all out strikes to pad, resting on “SLOW!” Repeat for several rounds then switch.

Ground - Leg Triangle from Guard

Ground - Leg Triangle from Guard Defense

Ground - Knife Attacker in Guard


Defenders on backs, eyes closed. Roaming Attackers, knives tucked into waistband) dive into guard. Defenders pull guard and attempt for Leg Triangle. If Triangle is achieved, or at any point before, Attacker can pull knife and begin stabbing.

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