Lesson Plans Wednesday, August 27, 2014

John Whitman
August 26, 2014

Warmup Drill:
Padholder calls a number corresponding with the number of Left/Right Combos (“1” equals 2 strikes, “2”=4, etc.) and Front Groin Kicks to be thrown. The striker first sends the straight punches, sprawls, then sends the FGK.

Palm Heel Strikes
Round House Kick
Palm Heel/Round House Kick Combos
Padholder cues by a number corresponding with how many palm heels the striker throws. After palm heels the padholder will step back and cue for a Round House Kick on either side to finish the combo.

Choke from the Front (1-handed)

Warmup Drill: Ground & Pound w/ Distraction #1
All out strikes while mounted on Kickshield. Partner disrupts by pulling, grabbing, holding.

Inside Defense vs. Left/Right (Attacker in Mount)
Trap, Buck & Roll

Drill: Ground & Pound w/ Distraction #2
Same as above, but distractor pushes striker, rolling onto back, mounts and sends light strikes. Defender must Trap, Buck & Roll then return to striking pad.

Ground - Foot Grab Strip
Ground - Foot Grab Spinning Inward
Ground - Foot Grab Spinning Outward

Final Drill: Ground & Pound w/ Distraction #3
Group of 3 (1 striker, 2 distractors). Same as #2 above, however a distractor can roll and mount striker, or the distractors can work together, one rolling onto back, the other grabbing and pulling the ankle. Defend accordingly and get back on pad.

Warmup Drill:
Striker neutral/eyes closed. Padholder can push with pad from any angle and display pad for a combative. Striker regains balance and bursts in with the appropriate combative.

Gun from the Front 1-Hand Technique
Gun From the Side Behind Arm
Gun From Behind Touching

Final Drill:
Groups of 3. Striker sends all out straight punches to pad. Attacker presents gun from front, side or rear (can include others based on defender's experience). Defend and return to striking.

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