Lesson Plans Wednesday, August 21, 2013

John Whitman
August 22, 2013



Elbows 4-7


Choke from Behind with a Push

Choke from the Front with a Push

Drill: eyes closed, either choke



Outside Slap Kick (just for fun!)

Combo: Left Outside Slap Kick/Right Cross/Left Knee

Bearhug from Behind Arms Caught

Drill: the attacker should make Bearhug From Behind from a slight angle; the defender must try to attack on one side and then the other until he finds an opening.

Drill: as above, but the attacker should try to move or take the defender off balance.



Drill: Interference Drill

Knife Downward Stab - live side

Knife Downward stab - dead side

Knife Downward stab - vs. left handed attacker

Knife - downward stab any angle


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