Lesson Plans Wednesday, August 16, 2017

John Whitman
August 15, 2017


Palm Heel Strike

DRILL: 3 Position Strikes

Groups of 2, Striker, Pad. Striker sends burst of Palm Heels from cued position (Standing, Kneeling, Back). Transition between positions for time.

Hammerfist Forward


Groups of 2, Striker, Pad. Striker sends burst of Palm Heels or Hammerfists based on instructor’s cue. Strikes should be constant, not stopping to rest or transition between strikes.

Ground - Side Position

Ground - Side Kick

DRILL - FINAL: Sawtooth Drill

Groups of 4+, Striker, 3+ Padholders. Padholders line up kneeling, facing a wall. Striker begins at one end, in Side Position, back to wall. Kickshields should be angled 45 degrees with fronts facing away from Striker. On “GO!” Striker must move down the line of pads by striking, kicking, and scooting until exiting the opposite end.



Inside Defense vs. Left/Right

Bearhug Rear - Arms Free


Groups of 3, Defender, Attacker1, Attacker2. Attacker1 sends Left/Right Straight for defense. Attacker2 attacks ATTACKER1 with Bearhug Rear. Defend and return to sending strikes to Defender.

Reverse Headlock Standing (Guillotine)


Groups of 3, Defender Attacker1, Attacker2. Same as above, but as part of Bearhug Rear defense, Attacker1, should place Attacker2 into a Guillotine (after turning toward) and Attacker2 defends.



REVIEW Knife Downward/Upward Stab

Sweep with Heel Kick*

*Add sweep to Knife Defense (just to incorporate more dynamically)

REVIEW Trap, Buck, and Roll

REVIEW Guard Reversal - Scissoring

Knife Defense - Attacker Mounting

Knife Defense - Attacker in Guard

Defenders neutral, eyes closed. Attackers roam with knives in waistbands. Attacker sweeps Defender to ground and either mounts or dives into guard. Attacker can begin attacking with knife immediately or give Defender a chance to defend/gain position of advantage for a bit before drawing.

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