Lesson Plans Wednesday, August 1, 2018

John Whitman
August 1, 2018

Beginner (A2)
Straight Punch with Advance
Straight Punch with Retreat
Round Kick
Drill: Groups of 2; 1 pad holder; 1 striker. Striker performs 5 round kicks right and 5 round kicks left, then Straight Punch with Advance to one end of the mat, sprawls, and makes Straight Punch with Retreat back to starting point, then sprawls again. Students switch roles and places after each round completed. As many rounds as possible for time.
Headlock from Behind
Ground--Side Position
Ground--Side Kick
Drill: Groups of 3; A has curved kick shield; B is defender; C has curved kick shield and attacks. A calls "ADVANCE!" for 4 Straight Punches with Advance, "RETREAT!" for 4 Straight Punches with Retreat, or holds for Round Kick. At any time, C can call "DOWN!" and B gets to ground in Side Position, (can back fall break if they know how, otherwise just sit safely), orients towards C, and performs Side Kick from the Ground. C can also drop pad and attack B with Headlock from Behind.

Intermediate (C2)
Gloves and Shin guards for Partner Drills
Round 1: Using gloves like focus mitts, A holds for B for free work, hands only, plus sprawls. 2:30 round, then switch.
Round 2: Now A holds for B, calling combinations 1K-4K or 1K-10K, depending on what their partner knows. B should place kick on leg or body with control. On receiving the kick, A can absorb kicks to the leg or 3 point block round kick to the body, but impact should be very light. 2:30 round, then switch roles.
Defense v. High Round Kick (2 and 3 points)
Defense v. High Round Kick (covering)
Round 3: Same as Round 2, but now in between calling for combinations, A can attack B with High Round Kick. B defends using 2 or 3 point block or covering.
Ground – Kick off from Guard
Ground – foot grab strip
Drill: Round 3 from earlier, but now in addition to calling combinations and throwing the High Round Kick, A can call "DOWN" and mimic takedown motion. B gets on their back and A can get in guard for Kick off From the Guard or grab foot for Foot Grab Strip.\

Advanced (C2)
Mouth of Hand Punch
2 Straight Knees with a Switch
Focus mitts and belly pad
Round 1: Free work; combinations with kicks, elbows, and knees
Round 2: Any time pad holder calls for 1Knee-10Knee, Striker makes combination with 2 Straight Knees with a Switch.
Round 3: After making 2 Straight Knees with a Switch, Striker grabs focus mitt like back of head and makes Mouth of Hand Punch
Gun from the Side, Behind the Arm
Knife – attacker holding defender with left hand
Drill: Scatter enough knives and guns across the mat so that only half the class will be able to get a weapon. Have students run in random directions around mat, backwards, forwards, zig-zag, sideways. On instructor's call of "GO" students can attempt to grab whatever weapon is closest to them. Students who get a weapon will be attackers. Students who cannot secure a weapon are defenders and wait in passive stance. Depending on weapon, Attackers make Gun from the Side, Behind the Arm or Knife – attacker holding defender with left hand. Once all the defenders have been attacked, weapons go back on the ground and students return to running.

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