Lesson Plans Wednesday, April 27, 2016

John Whitman
April 26, 2016

Advancing Straight Punch
Eye Strike
Inside Defense
Elbows 4-7

Front Choke w/ Push

DRILL - FINAL: Trigger Drill
Grps 2. A/B. A begins as attacker, B defender. A attacks w/ straight punch, B defends. B then attacks A with Front Choke w/ Push. A defends. B attacks A with Straight Punch to reset round.
NOTE: For safety purposes, the Choker should take a second before attacking instead of attacking immediately after Inside Defense to protect from slamming the throat from the momentum.


360 Defenses w/ Counter
Inside Defense w/ Counter v. Right Punch (1 Counter)
Inside Defense w/ Counter v. Right Punch (2 Counters) (If time)
Headlock Side
Ground - Headlock Side Forward
Ground - Headlock Side Back

DRILL - FINAL: Role Flow
Grp 4, A, B, C, D. A begins on back. B applies Ground - Side Headlock, A defends. Upon standing, C attacks with Side Headlock, A defends. After defending D attacks with 360 or Straight, A defends. Round 2 begins with B on the ground defending, other letters shift forward one spot with A being the last attacker.


DRILL - WARMUP: Body hardening
Grp 2, A, B, both gloves on. A begins striking (upper and lower body strikes), B covers and absorbs. Switch roles each round.

20s Rnds. Change partner each round.
Rnd 1-3 Hands Only
Rnd 4-6 Hands and Feet

Review - Inside Defense w/ Counters

Gun - Front (Build intensity of attacker reaction/resistance)
Gun - Front 2-Hand (Build intensity of attacker reaction/resistance)

DRILL - FINAL: Musical Guns
Grp 2, 1 gun per group. Distribute group guns throughout room on the floor. On cue to “WALK!” everyone wonders the room with eyes down. On “GO!” everyone attempts to locate and pickup a gun. Those who find a gun should find ANYONE without a gun and attack them.

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