Lesson Plans Wednesday, April 26, 2017

John Whitman
April 25, 2017


Eye Strike

Retreating Eye Strike


Groups of 2, Striker, Focus Mitt Holder. Starting facing Striker, Mitt Holder advances forward. Striker executes Retreating Eye Strike then burst forward with a Straight Punch Burst.

Retreating Straight Punch

Round Kick


Groups of 2, Striker, Tombstone Holder. Starting facing Striker, Pad Holder advances forward. Striker executes Retreating Straight then appropriate Round Kick based on Pad position.

Headlock Rear


Same as previous drill working Retreating Straight/Round Kick combo. Choose one group to attack another group. ONE person from the chosen group attacks the Striker of another group. After defending, the attacked group passes pad to the attacking group and the new group roams to attack.



Ground - Backward & Forward Roll

Back Kick

Inside Defense w/ Counter (2 Strikes)


Groups of 3, Pad Holder, Attacker/Striker, Defender. Defender faces Attacker, who sends Straight Punches for Inside Defense w/ Counter. Pad Holder cues Attacker for Back Kick. Send and return to attacking

Choke Rear w/ Pull


Same as above, but Pad Holder can cue for Back Kick or Choke Rear w/ Pull. Choke pulls should be hard and down. If the Defender goes to the ground, attempt to conduct Backward Roll.



Punch one direct, kick another

Long Gun from Front - Live Side

Bayonet from Front - Live Side

Long Gun from Front - Dead Side

Bayonet from Front - Dead Side

DRILL - FINAL: Action Movie Moment

Groups of 4, Defender, Attacker, 2 Pad Holders. Defender sets up between pad holders, Attacker with rifle standing in front. Defender sends Punch/Kick in opposite direction, then defends charging Attacker with Bayonet Defense.

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