Lesson Plans Wednesday, April 19, 2023

John Whitman
April 19, 2023


Movement - include turning/pivoting

Straight Punch - Advancing


Groups of 2, Striker, Padholder. Begin facing each other just out of striking range. Padholder moves and Striker follows, maintaining distance. On instructor’s “GO!” cue Striker sends Straight - Advancing and continues with a burst of punches, ending by stepping offline and pivoting. Padholder reorients to square and both return to moving/awaiting next cue.

Hammerfirst - Forward


Same as above, but after Straight - Adv, Striker sends a burst of Hammerfist strikes before stepping offline/pivoting.

Choke Front w/ Push


Groups of 3, designate A/B/C. (A) begins at one end of gym awaiting Choke Attack. (B) waiting to attack. (C) at opposite end waiting for pad cue. (B) chokes (A). After defending, (A) runs down , grabs pad and cues (C) for Straight - Adv + Hammerfist Burst. (C) steps offline and runs down to attack (B), while (A) sets up for pad cue.



Headbutt (Front, Side, Rear)


Groups of 3-4, Striker, Pad1, Pad2, Pad3 (Tombstones). Striker begins back against wall, Pads pressing against. Pads jostle Striker, also raising pad and cueing “HEY!” for Headbutt. Striker sends appropriate Headbutt and fights off wall/out of Pads (Note, clinching is permitted if available). After getting free, reenter Pads and reset.

Choke Front Against Wall

Choke Rear Against Wall


Groups of 3-4, Defender, Pad1, Pad2, Pad3 (Tombstones). Same as above, but Pads can also drop and attack with either Choke depending on angle. NOTE: Pads should also attempt to turn Defender while jostling to create additional angles.



Review Ground Defenses:

Groups of 2. Defender lies on back. Attacker can apply any L2-L4 attack. After defense, switch roles.

Ground - Guillotine

Ground - Guillotine Defense


Groups of 2, A/B. (A) on back, (B) mounts and sends strikes, chokes, or headlocks. (A) defends as necessary. After roll (B) applies Guillotine. Reset, switching starting positions.

DRILL - FINAL: Free Roll

Groups of 2 begin in various starting positions (Mount, Guard, On-belly/back, Back-to-Back, etc.). On “GO!” begin fighting for dominance/submission. 1 minute rounds, rotate partners often.

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