Lesson Plans Wednesday, April 12, 2017

John Whitman
April 11, 2017


Straight Punch Low


Striker sends Straight Low and orients perpendicular to pad holder. Padholder punches tombstone straight out from chest presenting pad for a rear straight. Reset and repeat.

Straight Punch Low Defense


Group of 2, Striker, Defender. Defender begins holding pad for Straight Low. Striker sends strike, resets, sends again. At any point, as the Striker begins to punch, the Defender can pull the pad away and perform Inside Low Defense. Replace pad and allow additional punches. Repeat for time.

Headlock Rear


Groups of 3, Striker, Padholder, Attacker. Same drill as above, but Attacker may apply Headlock Rear at any point to the Striker to defend.



Outside Stabbing Defense vs. Front Kick


Groups of 2, Attacker, Defender. Begin facing each other. Defender then must transition between laying chest to ground and standing. At any point during the transition, Attacker can send a Front Kick for defense. Defend, counter, and return to transitioning.

Ground - Trap, Buck and Roll

Ground - Choke from Mount

Ground - Choke from Side


Group of 3, Attacker 1(A1), Attacker 2(A2), Defender. Defender begins on back, eyes closed. A1 can apply any Ground attack above. After defending, as Defender gets to feet, A2 can send Front Kick for defense.




Groups of 2, Striker, Padholder. Review Advancing Front Kick (Neutral and Fighting). After basic review, begin seeing how much distance Striker can cover with advance and still make a powerful kick.

Gun Front - 2 Handed Technique

Gun Front - Kneeling

Gun Rear - Hostage


Defenders scattered, neutral, eyes closed. Attackers roam with guns presenting any attack above. Perform 1 round for each participant without Attackers resisting. Then perform a second round per participant with Attackers permitted to resist during the defense.

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