Lesson Plans Tuesday, September 3, 2018

John Whitman
September 3, 2019

Beginner Class (A3)
Warm Up: Shoulder Tag (switch partners randomly every 30 seconds). After 2 minutes, drill becomes shoulder and knee tag.
Front Kick (Groin)
Combo: Front Kick/Knee (Same Leg) – work both sides
360 Defense
Choke from Behind
Drill: Group of 3. First person attacks second with single haymaker strikes. Second person defends using 360s. Third person randomly attacks first person with choke from behind between haymaker attacks. First person defends against choke from behind before returning to throwing haymakers at second person.

Intermediate Class (C3)
Hook Punch
Heel Kick
Focus Mitt Drill: Strikers start in passive stance, eyes closed. Pad holder approaches from left or right side, and calls any combination 1-4. Striker opens eyes, delivers heel kick to focus mitt and follows up immediately with combination called by pad holder.
Bearhug Front (lifting)
Bearhug Behind (lifting)
Drill: A/B drill. Group A stands in passive stance with eyes shut. Group B randomly attacks from the front or rear with bearhug (lifting) or verbally gets defenders attention and holds a focus mitt for a heel kick. Defender responds appropriately, finishes the fight with combatives and returns to passive stance.

Advanced Class (C3)
Jumping Round Kick
Thai Pad Drill: Free work combinations. All combinations must end with a jumping round kick.
Gun from the Side (front of arm)
Gun from Front (pushing into stomach)
Drill: Roaming attacker (Groups of 5). 1 person is selected to be an attacker, the remainder break off into pairs. Free work on thai pads (must include some jumping round kicks). Attackers roam about the room and randomly attack strikers only with gun from the side in front of the arm or gun from front pushing into the stomach. Striker’s defend, finish the fight, and return to pad work. 5 rounds so everyone has a chance to serve as attacker.

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