Lesson Plans Tuesday, September 19, 2017

John Whitman
September 19, 2017

Palm Heel Strikes
Review Elbow #1
Combos: “Jab/Cross/Rear elbow” and “Jab/Cross/Front elbow”
Ground – Back position & movement
Ground – Front kick
Ground – Standing up
Drill: non-stop Palm Heel Strikes and Elbows; when pad holder says “down!” the defender must sit down (FALL BREAK is OK if your students know it), then move and kick from ground until pad holder says “Up!” and defender must Get Up and continue striking; do 3 rounds alternating.

Heel Kick
Outside Defenses 1 & 2
Drill: Defender in fighting stance with eyes shut. Attacker verbally gets defender’s attention. Attacker will either hold a tombstone pad for a heel kick or burst in with a single outside straight punch. Defender must respond appropriately, turn and face ready to continue the fight, then reset. Safety Note: attacker must wait for defender’s eyes to open before bursting in.
Bearhug Behind Arms Caught
Bearhug Behind Arms Free
Drill: Same as above. Now add bearhug from the rear arms caught and arms free to the possible attacks. This time defender will continue to finish the fight before resetting. Note: Bearhug attacks do not require attacker to get defender’s attention verbally. Make it a surprise!

Jumping Front Kick
Jumping Side Kick
Jumping Round Kick
Gun from the Front, Pushing into Stomach
Gun from Behind (touching)
Drill: Circle of Death. 1 defender, 2+ attackers. Drill primarily gun from the front, pushing into the stomach and gun from behind (touching). Mix in choke and bearhug defenses from lower levels for added stress. First 30 seconds is 50% speed on techniques. Last 60-90 seconds is 100% speed. Attackers must not allow defender to wait in between techniques. Once they establish control position, the next attack should be coming on.

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