Lesson Plans Tuesday, September 11, 2018

John Whitman
September 11, 2018

Beginner Class (A3)
Palm Heel Strikes
Review Elbow #1
Combos: “Jab/Cross/Rear elbow” and “Jab/Cross/Front elbow”
Ground – Back position & movement
Ground – Front kick
Ground – Standing up
Drill: non-stop Palm Heel Strikes and Elbows; when pad holder says “down!” the defender must sit down (FALL BREAK is OK if your students know it), then move and kick from ground until pad holder says “Up!” and defender must Get Up and continue striking; do 3 rounds alternating.

Intermediate Class (C3)
Thai Pads and Shinguards
Round 1: Combinations 1-4 with a kick.
Round 2: Combinations 1-4 with a kick. Pad holder can throw the low round kick to striker. Striker defends using the shin block.
Round 3: Puke round! 30 seconds power punches Left/Right combination. 30 seconds 2 round kicks right, 2 round kicks left. 30 seconds 2 punches and push-up. 30 seconds speed punches.
Bearhug from the Front, Arms Free
Bearhug from the Front, Lifting
Drill: Circle of Death. Break class into small groups of 3 or 4. 1 defender, everyone else is an attacker. Defender stands in neutral with eyes closed. Attackers can apply Bearhug from the Front, Arms Free OR Bearhug from the Front, Lifting OR any Level 1 self defense technique.

Advanced Class (C3)
General Strikes to a kick shield
Drill: pile of pads in the middle of the room; students must crawl get a pad; if they don’t get a pad they are striking non-stop until the drill resets (make it tiring!)
Sweep with Heel Kick
Long Gun from Behind touching (both sides)
Gun from Behind (touching)- Looking over left shoulder
Drill: Non-stop strikes on pad, defend Long Gun from Behind touching or Gun from behind touching.

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