Lesson Plans Tuesday, October 5, 2021

John Whitman
October 5, 2021


Palm Heel Strikes

DRILL: Palm & Switch

Grps 2, Striker, Padholder. Striker sends all out Palm Heels. On “SWITCH” Striker takes pad and partner begins striking ASAP. Alternate for several rounds, switching partners occasionally.

Inside Defense

DRILL: Roaming Attacker

Defenders spread throughout room in fighting stance. Attackers find Defender and send an attack for Inside Defense.

Choke Front - 1 Hand Pluck

DRILL - FINAL: Roaming Attacker

Defenders spread throughout room in fighting stance. Attackers can send attack for Inside Defense or apply Choke.



Headbutt Forward

Headbutt Backward


Grps 2, Striker, Padholder. Striker stands near wall, eyes closed, spinning slowly. Padholder cues with pad tap. Striker opens eyes, sends appropriate Headbutt, then orients to apply Clinch, turn Padholder toward wall and send several knees. Reset.

Choke Front Against Wall

Choke Rear Against Wall


Same setup as above, but partner can either cue for Headbutt/Knee combo or apply either Choke w/ Push.



Review: Pluck/Row Defense vs. Front Kick

Pluck/Row Defense vs. Side Kick


Grps 2, Defender/Striker, Attacker/Padholder. Attacker cues and sends either Front or Side Kick while holding tombstone. Defend and send counter burst to pad.

Review: Gun Front

Advanced Gun - Kneeling

Advanced Gun - Ground, in Guard


Grps 2, Attacker, Defender. Defender begins kneeling. As defense begins, Attacker can apply resistance, attempting, but not requiring, to push the Defender onto back/into guard. Regardless of how/where the fight goes, Defender should attempt to adapt staying off line of fire/maintaining control at minimum.

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