Lesson Plans Tuesday, October 4, 2016

John Whitman
October 4, 2016

Warmup Drill: Movement Maze
Set a course of cones throughout the room. Students stand facing forward at the "start" and must navigate from cone to cone while always facing forward. Course should be set so students must move forward, back, left, right in fighting stance.
Straight Punch w/ Retreat
Elbows 4-7
Headlock from Behind
*In addition to the regular partner practice, incorporate a portion allowing students to try to intercept the headlock before it gets locked in. Attacker should attempt to be sneaky. Start with the defender's eyes open. Add some with eyes closed.

Final Drill:
Defender sends retreating punches. Additional attacker can approach and cue for rear elbow (suggest 4 or 3) for safety, or can attack with Rear Headlock.

Advancing Front Groin Kick
Reflexive Defense vs. Front Kick
Outside Stabbing Defense vs. Front Kick

Drill: Reaction
Defender moves from kneeling to standing. Attacker can send Front kick at any point during the defender's movement requiring the appropriate, or adaptation, of the Front Kick Defenses.

Rear Choke w/ Pull

Final Drill:
Attacker applies Rear Choke w/ Pull. During defense, attacker can attempt to get out of defense and send Front Kick. Defender must defend the kick and reset.

Warmup Drill: LIGHT Kicks
Padholder walks around striker cuing for various stomp kicks (front kick vertical target, side, back). Striker sends light/medium power kicks.

2 Jumping Front Kicks
2 Back Kicks w/ Switch
One Arm Shoulder Throw
Headlock Behind, attacker jumping (throw)

Final Drill:
Cue for 2 Jumping Front Kicks (as attacker is stunned by the ninja awesomeness) finish with One Arm Shoulder Throw. Can also cue rear for 2 Back Kicks w/ Switch. Finally can tactilely cue by jumping for Rear Headlock Throw.

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