Lesson Plans Tuesday, November 8, 2022

John Whitman
November 7, 2022


Palm Heel Strikes

Elbow #1


Front Kick (groin)

Drill: Changing range: 4 palm heel strikes to Elbow #1 OR Front Kick (groin) to 4 knees.

Drill: Diving for the pads: Curved kick shield is centered on the mat with partners facing each other on opposite ends of the room. On instructor's call of "GO!" whoever touches the pad first gets to be holder and holds for non-stop palms OR Front Kick Groin until instructor calls "TIME!" Rotate one line to allow for different match-ups, change distance from pad, and/or have them begin prone, or make them bearcrawl to pad, etc.

Choke from the Front with a Push

Drill: Diving for the pads 2: Same drill as above except the person who touches the pad first can either hold for palms or FKG, OR can drop pad and apply Choke from the Front with a Push



Basic Takedown Defense/spin on centerline

Round 1: Target recognition on curved kick shield for 2 straight punches, round kick on either side, or Front Kick Groin. Any time pad holder changes level and mimics takedown, striker uses basic takedown defense, spins on centerline and throws two knees.

Round 2: Now, after basic takedown defense and spin on centerline, pad holder takes a step back and holds for a round kick. Emphasize that we utilize the round kick when attacker was able to make space while pulling out of striker's frame hold.

Inside Defense v. Left/Right                                                                £

Inside Defense v. Left/Right (lean back and trap)                                        £

Inside Defense v. Left/Right (1 hand)

Drill: 5 for 5, attacker can throw the Left/Right combination and defender performs any of the above defenses OR attacker can mimic takedown and defender uses basic takedown defense/spin-on centerline.



Chops (inside and outside)

Focus mitts

Round 1: Basic combinations 1Elbow-10Elbow. After every punch combination, finish with an elbow with the hand opposite to the final punch. For example, a 3 elbow is a jab/cross/lead hook/right elbow.

Round 2: Same combinations in Round 1, but add an inside chop after the elbow, using opposite hand, i.e. 3 elbow is jab/cross/lead hook/right elbow/left inside chop. Emphasize flow and that chop goes to neck where a punch or hammerfist might not have room.

Round 3: Replace inside chop with opposite hand with outside chop with same hand, i.e. a 2Elbow is left/right/left elbow/left outside chop.

Knife – defense v. forward slash

Knife – defense v. back slash

Drill: A is standing with eyes closed. B has knife and makes half speed slashing motions on A's neck and body to create stress. When B makes verbal cue and attacks with a large, swinging motion at full speed, A opens eyes and must defend against Forward Slash or Back Slash. Have attackers vary length of time they perform slow slashes for stress.

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