Lesson Plans Tuesday, November 7, 2023

John Whitman
November 7, 2023

Beginner (B2)
Left/Right Combination
Elbow 1
Round 1: Left/Right Combo/Elbow 1
Round 2: Left/Right Combo/Elbow 1/2 clinch knees
Round 3: Left/Right Combo/Elbow 1/2 clinch knees/spin on centerline to knee
Choke from the Front with a Push
Drill: Tueller Drill
Groups of 2. Padholder/Attacker, Striker/Defender.
Defender in neutral with eyes closed. Attacker can perform choke from the front with a push OR
call “DOWN!” Defender will go to ground and close eyes. On verbal cue (name, “HEY!”), defender opens eyes and begins in Ground Back Position. Padholders line up in front of them from various distances. When Striker begins to get up, Padholder begins moving forward. When Striker gets to feet, Striker sends portion of combo above beginning with Punches, Elbow or Clinch/Knees depending on distance of Padholder OR Padholder can drop pad when very close and apply Choke.

Intermediate (D2)
Defense v. High Front Kick (redirect)
Partner drills; Boxing gloves and shin guards on
Round 1: Using gloves as focus mitts, A calls punch combinations 1-10. At any time, A can throw a hook with either hand at B. B defends by bobbing and weaving. If hook is to rear side of B’s body, B counters with a combination 6. If hook is to lead side of B’s body, B counters with a 7.
Round 2: A adds in attacking with a High Front Kick. B redirects and counters with a 6 or 7.
Ground – Guard Reversal.
Drill: In addition to everything from Round 2, A calls “TAKEDOWN!” B either does back fall break or sits down safely. A gets in B’s guard and B perform Guard Reversal. Both stand up and return to drill.

Advanced (D2)
2 Front Kicks with a Switch
Drill: All basic combatives on kick shield for target recognition. On instructor’s call of “DOWN!” Pad holder drops pad and Striker mounts for Ground and Pound until instructor calls "TIME." On instructor’s call of “SPRINT!” striker throws non-stop 2 Front Kicks with a Switch until they hear “TIME!” and then return back to target recognition.
Gun from Behind, Touching
Drill: Groups of 3; 1 curved kick shield holder; 1 attacker; 1 striker/defender. Striker is making combatives on pad exactly the same as drill from earlier. At any time, Attacker can apply Gun from Behind, Touching, Defender makes defense and returns back to pad. Remind Attacker to sometimes make attack when Defender is mounted on pad for Ground and Pound Strikes. Although the defense is the same, Defender must now stand as they burst following redirect.

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