Lesson Plans Tuesday, November 14, 2017

John Whitman
November 14, 2017

Elbows 1-3
Drill: Defender in passive stance, eyes shut. Pad holder jolts defender with the pad while verbally getting their attention. Defender opens eyes, identifies threat and delivers appropriate elbow along with a few follow-up combatives. After each side goes, rerun drill, but this time pad holder may ditch the pad and offer an extended arm for a handshake or high five intermittently. Stress proper threat identification.
360 Defenses
Drill: Groups of 3+. 1 defender, rest of group attacking (attackers should wear boxing gloves in available). Defender starts in passive stance. 1st attacker verbally gets defenders attention and winds up for a haymaker. Defender uses appropriate 360, then begins delivering combatives. After 1-3 combatives, next attacker should start repeatedly throwing a haymaker making solid contact with defender’s shoulders/upper back or gut (depending on the angle). Defender must address the attack ASAP with appropriate 360 and follow-up combatives. Drill repeats. Safety note: Attackers should hit defender hard enough to make it uncomfortable/stressful, but not cause injury.

Thai Pad Drill: Pad holder throws left or right haymaker. Striker bobs & weaves and counters with cross/hook/cross/switch round kick or hook/cross/hook/rear round kick. Next round, pad holder throws straight punch. Pad holder slips and counters with rear uppercut/hook/cross/switch round kick or front uppercut/cross/hook/rear round kick.
Inside Defense vs Left/Right (2 inside defenses)
Inside Defense vs Left/Right (1 hand)
Reverse Headlock Standing

Mouth of the hand punch
Focus mitt free work: incorporate mouth of the hand punch into combinations
Sweep with a Heel Kick
Sweep with a Forward Kick
Drill: Circle of death. 1 defender, everyone else attacking. Any standing self-defenses from Level 1, 2, or 3. Defender incorporates mouth of the hand punch and sweeps into combatives. 2-3 minutes per defender (depending on class size). 50%-75% speed so that defenses can be aggressive/fast, but safety for everyone can be maintained.

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