Lesson Plans Tuesday, November 1, 2022

John Whitman
November 1, 2022


Straight Punches


Elbows 2 and 3

Drill: Groups of 3; 2 kick shield holders; 1 striker. Striker begins by sending all out straight punches to pad. At any time, second kick shield holder can tap or give a verbal cue to the side or behind. Striker throws appropriate elbow depending on angle and follows up with 4 knees, and then immediately returns to throwing hard aggressive punches to punching pad.

Drill: Same as previous drill, but now when striker is throwing the elbow to follow up knees, the pad holder for punches sprints to a different spot in the room. Striker finishes their knees and must find original pad holder. Repeat.

Headlock from Behind

Drill: Same as previous drill except that pad holder cuing for elbow to knees can also drop pad and attack with Headlock from Behind. Striker will defend, and then return back to punching first pad.




Defense v. High Front Kick (redirect)

Partner drills; Boxing gloves and shin guards on

Round 1: Using gloves as focus mitts, A calls punch combinations 1-10. At any time, A can throw a hook with either hand at B. B defends by bobbing and weaving. If hook is to rear side of B's body, B counters with a combination 6. If hook is to lead side of B's body, B counters with a 7.

Round 2: A adds in attacking with a High Front Kick. B redirects and counters with a 6 or 7.

Ground – Guard Reversal

Drill: In addition to everything from Round 2, A calls "TAKEDOWN!" B either does back fall break or sits down safely. A gets in B's guard and B perform Guard Reversal. Both stand up and return to drill.



2 Front Kicks with a Switch

All basic combatives on kick shield for target recognition. On instructor's call of "DOWN!" striker sprawls and throws a knee. On instructor's call of "SPRINT!" striker throws non-stop 2 Front Kicks with a Switch until they hear "TIME!" and then return back to target recognition.

Knife – kick from distance

Knife – defense v. downward stab

Drill: Ground, Pound, and Stab. Wearing a belly pad, A is at one end of the room with curved kick shield and knife. B is at other side of mat, eyes closed. A performs 30 Ground and Pound strikes on kick shield then picks up knife and sprints to B. A decides when to offer a verbal cue to B to open their eyes, or can choose to begin stabs with training knife to chest. If B has time, B should kick defense from a distance against the knife. Otherwise, B performs Defense v. Downward Stab. Repeat for time before switching.

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