Lesson Plans Tuesday, May 29, 2012

John Whitman
May 29, 2012


Straight Punches
Inside Defense
Choke Front with a Push
Attacker Fights Back Drill! - Choke Front with a Push; the defender makes the defense; the attacker then makes a slow right punch; the defender defends the punch and continues with counterattacks. Pick up the speed as both students become more comfortable with the exercise.

During or after Warm up:
Fight Drill - the attacker makes a Right Hook/Left Hook/Right Hook combination; the defender uses either Hook Punch Defense or 360 and blocks both punches, then catches in a Muay Thai clinch and gives Right Straight Punch/Right Elbow/Right Knee SLOWLY.

Fight Drill -- as above, but closer range. The defender uses the covering defense against all three elbows and then gives Headbutt/Right Elbow/Right Knee.

Bearhug from the Front

Attacker Fights Back Drill! - Bearhug from the Front; the defender makes the defense; the attacker then throws 2 or 3 hook punches; the defender defends the hook punches and continues with counterattacks.

Choose 3-4 self defense techniques from lower levels to review
Add non-compliant attacker drills as described above
Gun from the Front - attacker grabs gun with his left hand to secure it; the defender must maintain control and continue with counterattacks.
Gun from the Front - attacker tries to punch defender with his left hand as the defender defends. The defender must be sure his chin is down, and that the right punch he makes as a counterattack also protects his chin!

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