Lesson Plans Tuesday, May 27, 2014

John Whitman
May 27, 2014


Left/Right Combination

Front Kick Groin

Drill: Groups of 2, one small shield, place the pad in the center of the room between the two partners, partners are on opposite sides of the room doing push ups facing way from the pad.  On instructors signal "GO", get up quickly and sprint to grab a pad.  The partner who grabs a pad first  is holding, the other striking. Pad holders can either hold for front Kicks or punches. Strikers; fast and aggressive strikes until instructor calls "TIME". Repeat

Choke from Front (2-Handed)

Choke from Front with a Push

Choke from Behind

Drill: Groups of 4-5, one defender, non-stop attacks


Thai Pads- 2-2 min Rounds

Drill: Slow & Fast

Pad holder; call out a single strike for the striker to do,  ie)  Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut, Elbow

Striker;  Double up on the technique called and make it SUPER powerful! Many times during the Round the instructor yells "Fast", striker; non stop fast, aggressive and powerful strikes, on instructor "Slow", back to power shots.

Ground- trap and roll

Ground- Elbow escape

Ground- def. v. Choke


Focus Mitts:  2- 5 minute rounds

Basic combinations, elbows, knees, Kicks & Sprawls

Light Sparring Drill: 2-2 Min Rounds

Round 1)  1 person defends/1 person Attacks

Punches & Kicks- Moving/Blocking- no counters

Round 2) Light Sparring- Kicks & Punches- Move/Defend and  counter

Advanced testing Sparring Drill Sneak Peak!!

Tabata Sparring:

20 sec. rounds- 10 sec. rest- 1 person stays in for 4- 20 sec rounds, then Switch.

Advanced Gun- from side or behind, assailant using off hand

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