Lesson Plans Tuesday, May 10, 2022

John Whitman
May 10, 2022


Front Groin Kick

DRILL: Cue & Do

Groups of 2, Striker, Padholder. Padholder cues for FGK by presenting pad. Striker can send either kick. However Padholder should also occasionally bias the pad toward one side or the other, indicating Rear or Front kick.

360 Defense


Groups of 2, Striker, Padholder. Padholder swings pad for 360 defense. After defending, pad recovers and holds for FGK + Straight Burst.

NOTE: Strikers must wait for pad to be in position for counters, but Padholder should try and recover and present as quick as possible.

Choke Front w/ Push


Groups of 2, Defender, Attacker. Defender neutral/eyes closed. Attacker can cue with Choke/Push or verbal cue to 360 Attack. Defend choke or 360+Kick+Straight Burst.



Basic Takedown Defense - Spinning on Centerline

High Round Kick Defense (2 and 3 Points)


Groups of 2. Alternate attacker after every attack. Attacker sends either High Round Kick or shoots in for Takedown Defense. Defend accordingly.

360 w/ Counter


Same as above, but attacker also has 360 as an attack option.

Bearhug Rear - Arms Free


Groups of 3. Defender, Attacker 1, Attacker 2. Attacker 1 sends attack options above, Defend accordingly. Attacker 2 can apply Rear Bearhug to Attacker 1 at anytime. Repeat for time and rotate positions.




Groups of 3, Striker, Pad1, Pad2. Striker sends all out strikes to Pad1. Pad2 cues from either side for Hammerfist Side. Strikers sends, orients and continues striking on Pad2. Pad1 cues…Repeat for time.

Chops - Outside


Same as above, but Pad cues for either Hammerfist Side or Outside Chop depending on distance.

Gun Side - In front of Arm

Gun Side - Pushing into Stomach


Same as above but Pad2 can cue for Hammerfist/Chop or either Gun technique.

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