Lesson Plans Tuesday, March 21, 2017

John Whitman
March 21, 2017

Beginner (A3)

Straight Punches

Elbow #3

Drill: Tombstone pad holder jolts defender from behind with pad. Defender (starting in passive stance) delivers elbow #3, then turns in to deliver a broken flurry of straight punches. Reset & repeat. For added stress, have pad holders jolt the defender from a distance, then offer a handshake (or other non-threatening gesture). Be sure pad holders understand to keep outside of elbow distance for safety.

Choke from behind

Drill: Group of 3. Defender throws broken flurry of straight punches at tombstone pad. 3rd person serves as attacker and chokes defender from behind. Defender performs technique. Pad holder should jolt defender with pad once the defender has reached control position to get the defender back to punching.

Intermediate (A3)

Front (groin) kick w/ an advance

Defense vs. low round kick (shin block)

Focus mitt drill: Focus mitt holder and striker should be wearing shin guards. Pad holder calls any combination they want (1-10), mixing in calls for advancing groin kicks. Pad holder should also throw inside and outside low round kicks at the striker. When striker defends, pad holder should be ready to hold for an immediate counter. Safety note: groin kicks should be thrown lightly to make contact with focus mitts, NOT for power.

Ground - Arm bar from guard

Drill: 2 people wearing shin guards and gloves (MMA preferred, boxing gloves are ok). Going 1-for-1, each partner takes turns throwing an attack of their choosing. They may choose one of the following: (A) combination of their choice ending with a low round kick. (B) Yell "Down!" making their partner fall break (if they know how) and getting into the defender's guard immediately.

If attacker throws strikes, defender works on covering and shin block defense. If attacker gets into guard, defender works the arm bar.

Advanced (A3)

Spinning Heel Kick

Focus mitt combinations: Free work combinations. Mix in calling for spinning heel kicks at the start or finish of combinations to challenge striker's ability to adjust their range. Safety note: kicks to focus mitts must be controlled, NOT for power.

Overhead stick defense - left handed attacker

Drill: Group of 3. Defender and focus mitt holder do the same drill as before but at a faster pace and mixing in random sprawls. 3rd party verbally gets striker's attention and then attacks with left-handed overhead stick. Striker defends, disarms and then continues with pad work.

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