Lesson Plans Tuesday, March 16, 2021

John Whitman
March 16, 2021

Elbows 1-3
Grp 2, Striker, Padholder. Both positioned at one end of room. Striker neutral, eyes closed. Padholder cues with tap for elbow. Striker sends 1-3 elbows (progress number) then runs to end of gym and back to reset.

Knees w/ Clinch
Same as above, but during run, padholder transitions hold for knees, striker sends 3 knees upon return before resetting.

Choke Rear
Same as above, but padholder/attacker can cue for elbows or choke.

Front Kick w/ Advance (Fighting and Neutral)
Defense v. Front Kick (Redirect)
Defense v. Front Kick (Stopping)
Grp 2. Alternating Striker/Defender. Designate partner to go first. Partners take turns attacking with Adv. Kick and defending with either defense.

Hair Grabs (Front, Side, Rear)
Same as above, but designate Attacker/Defender. Rotate partner groups to roam and attack the other ATTACKERS sending Adv Kicks. Attackers defend and return to partner.

FINAL: Trigger Sparring
Grps 2, fight gear on. One person begins as attacker. Defender begins eyes closed, neutral. Attacker can “grab” (will need to hook head versus grab due to gloves) and begin punching to begin sparring round. Upon being grabbed defender can react and defend. Quick rounds, 10-15seconds. Switch attacker each round.

2 Straight Knees w/ Switch
L/R Straight + R Elbow + 2 Knees w/ Switch
Stick - Baseball Bat Defense
Gun - Rear Touching
Long Gun - Rear Touching

Roaming attackers. Defenders eyes closed, neutral. Attackers can roam and cue for any attack above.

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