Lesson Plans Tuesday, March 13, 2018

John Whitman
March 13, 2018

Ground – Back Position
Ground – Back Fall Break
Ground – Getup
Ground – Front Kick
Drill: Groups 2, Striker, Pad holder (Kick shield) + Roaming Attackers. Strikers work freestyle upper body strikes (Straights, Hammers, Elbows) to pad. Roaming attackers apply Sweep to Striker. Striker Fall Breaks into Ground Position. Pad holder circles and moves in for Ground Front Kicks, upon backing away, Striker Getups and returns to freestyle strikes.

Hook Punch
Focus Mitt Drill: Mitt holder throws looping hook with either left or right. Striker bobs & weaves, then throws combo 6 or  7 to counter.
Defense vs. Low Round Kick (adsorbing & shin block)
Sparring Drill: 1-for-1 partners take turns either throwing a hook or a low round kick. Defender either bobs & weaves or uses a kick defense. In either case, defender should counter with either combo 6 or 7.
Bearhug from Behind Arms Caught

2 Front Kicks with a switch
2 Back Kicks with a switch
Machine Gun Takedown (lifting & leverage on neck variations)
Circle-of-Death: 1 Defender, rest of class attacks. Pad holders approach from front or rear holding for 2 front or back kicks with a switch. Gunmen use appropriate attack angles (covered during lesson) for machine gun takedown.

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