Lesson Plans Tuesday, March 10, 2020

John Whitman
March 10, 2020

Movement- Shadow Boxing w/o Punches or Kicks
Punches- Left/Right combination
Combination- Left/Right/Right Elbow Strike
Drill: Light striking on the pad with straight punches; on the pad holder’s command (“Go”) burst in with Left/Right/Right Elbow 3x aggressively, then move back out and continue with light strikes.
360 Defense
Choke from the Front (2-handed)
Drill: Start with packages in hand and eyes closed, attacker either makes a choke from front or gives a verbal signal and makes 360.

Hook Punch
Focus Mitt Drill: Mitt holder throws looping hook with either left or right. Striker bobs & weaves, then throws combo 6 or  7 to counter.
Defense vs. Low Round Kick (adsorbing & shin block)
Sparring Drill: 1-for-1 partners take turns either throwing a hook or a low round kick. Defender either bobs & weaves or uses a kick defense. In either case, defender should counter with either combo 6 or 7.
Bearhug from Behind Arms Caught

Thai Pads: Combos 8 & 9 with knees, 2 rounds of 2 minutes
One Arm Shoulder Throw
Drill: Clinch work to One Arm Shoulder Throw
Stick v. Left Handed Attacker

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