Lesson Plans Tuesday, June 6, 2018

John Whitman
June 5, 2018

Left/Right Combinations (1-4)
Inside Defense
Straight Punch Low
Inside Defense vs. Low Straight Punch
"Sparring" Drill (1%-50% speed): Round 1; each partner takes turns throwing combination 1 or 2 while other partner defends. Round 2; Combinations 3 or 4. Round 3; Combinations 1 or 2 with low straight punch included in combo. Round 4; Combinations 3 or 4 with low straight punch included in combo. Round 5; Combinations 1-4, low straight punch may be included or omitted from combination.

Review Back & Side Ground Fighting Positions
Ground - Fallbreak Back
Ground - Fallbreak Side
Ground - Side Mount to Full Mount Transition
Ground - Dismount from Full Mount
Drill: 1-for-1; Defenders stand in passive stance, eyes shut, with enough space around them to fall backwards or sideways safely. Attackers use kick shields to jolt defenders backward or sideways. Defenders fallbreak in appropriate direction, deliver 1 front or side kick from ground depending on position, then attacker ditches pad and gets into side mount. From side mount attacker transitions to full mount, then disengages from full mount. Attacker then stands in passive stance with eyes closed and drill repeats with defender serving as new attacker.

Spinning Outside Slap Kick
Focus Mitt Drills: Free-work combinations. Incorporate spinning outside slap kicks (Safety Note: Kick for contact, not for power)
Simple Takedown
Double Leg Takedown
Sparring Drill: 1-for-1 Partners use any combination to set up a takedown. After takedown, partner on top must hold partner on bottom there (no transitions). Partner on bottom must escape from position and return to standing.

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