Lesson Plans Tuesday, June 25, 2024

John Whitman
June 25, 2024

Eye Strikes
Elbows 4 & 5
Choke from Behind with a Push
Drill: Shark tank. 1 defender, 2-4 attackers. Defender starts in passive stance, eyes shut. When round begins, attackers may either present a tombstone pad for elbows 4 or 5, present a focus mitt for eye strikes, or choke from behind with a push.

Basic Take-down Defense/Spinning on Center-line
Outside Defenses 1-5
Focus Mitt Drill: 1 striker, 1 mitt holder, 1 attacker. Pad holder and striker free work combinations. Attacker verbally gets striker's attention before bursting in with one straight punch from outside. Striker defends, counters with combatives, and returns to pad work.
Choke from the Front Against a Wall
Choke from Behind Against a Wall
Drill: Ring-around-the-rosy. 1 defender, 1 attacker. Defender stands 2-3 feet away from a wall in passive stance with eyes shut. Defender starts turning around constantly in place, keeping eyes shut until attacked. Attacker should time their attack to either choke from the front or rear and push defender into wall. Defender completes skill and finishes with combatives before resetting back to passive stance & spinning in front of wall again.

Thai Pad Rounds: Round 1 - free work combinations with 1 kick. Round 2 - free work combinations with 2 kicks (one medium, one high).
General Defense vs. Medium to High Round Kicks
Sliding Defense vs. Medium to High Round Kicks
Stick - Baseball Bat Defense (both sides)
Drill: Don't bat an eye. 1 defender, rest of class attacking. All basic choke defenses and baseball bat attacks are fair game. Note: Once defender gets to control position & begins delivering combatives, the next attack should be coming on.

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