Lesson Plans Tuesday, January 7, 2020

John Whitman
January 7, 2020

Left/Right Combination
Front Kick (Groin)
Round (kick)
Drill: 30 seconds of max punches, then switch pad. 30 seconds of max FKG, then switch. 30 seconds of 2 round kicks right and 2 round kicks left, then switch. Have students keep track of their number of strikes as a team for friendly competition.
Drill: 4 minute shared interval round. 15 seconds of max punches, immediately switch the pad. Then, 15 seconds each of FKG, Round Kick, and 2 punches and a push-up. Repeat until the 4 minutes has elapsed. Emphasize that strikes should be maximum power and speed.
Choke from the Front, 2-handed Pluck
Drill: Round Robin; Groups of 3 A/B/C: A holds for punches at one end of the room; at the other end, B stands with eyes closed; C makes Choke Front, 2 handed Pluck to B; B defends, then sprints across the room while C stands with eyes closed; B makes 10 left/right combinations, then takes the pad; A runs across the room and attacks C. So all 3 students are rotating through attacking, being attacked, punching, and holding for punches.  They rotate continuously.

Headbutt Forward
Headbutt Upward
Headbutt to the Side
Headbutt Backward
Drill 1: Closing the distance. 1 tombstone pad holder, 1 striker. Striker stands in passive stance, eyes shut. Pad holder gets striker’s attention either verbally or by jarring them with the pad. Striker opens eyes, identifies threat, and strikes their way into using a headbutt (i.e. straight punch, elbow, headbutt)
Drill 2: 3 strikes drill. 1 focus mitt holder, 1 striker. Focus mitt holder places mitt on strikers face and pushes striker’s head (be a bully). Striker works on verbal de-escalation techniques and positioning (situational awareness). After a brief moment, mitt holder pushes striker’s head again (escalating situation). Striker, continues to de-escalate while maintaining situation awareness of room. Mitt holder pushes striker’s head for a third time and presents the mitt for strikes. Striker flips the switch immediately delivers punches, elbows, and headbutts to the pad. Reset and go again. Safety Note: mitt holder, be sure to make contact first, THEN push. Do not inadvertently slap your partner in the head.

Review 360 defenses (bottom half of circle, both hands)
Knife – threat, defense to live side
Knife – threat, defense to dead side
Drill: Circle-of-death. 1 defender, everyone else is an attacker. Working at 25%-50% speed, attackers are allowed to bring on any unarmed attack from lower levels (1-3) as well as knife threats. Note: Defenders are training situational awareness. They should be constantly looking for attacker’s wielding weapons and prioritize those defenses accordingly.

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