Lesson Plans Tuesday, January 31, 2023

John Whitman
January 31, 2023


Palm Heel Strike

Elbow #1


Focus mitts and belly pad

Round 1: Mitt holder calls a number 1-4; Striker throws that many palm strikes, beginning with lead hand

Round 2: Mitt holder can also call 1Elbow-4Elbow; Striker throws the number of palms followed by Elbow #1

Round 3: + 4 clinch knees after elbow #1

Choke from Behind

Drill: Groups of 3; 1 focus mitt holder calling for drill from earlier; 1 Striker/Defender; 1 Attacker who can apply Choke from Behind at any time. After applying defense, Striker immediately returns back to focus mitts.



Warm-up Drill: Ground and Pound Relay; Groups of 2; one at one end of the mat, one mounted on curved kickshield. On “GO!” mounted person sends all out strikes to pad. Partner runs to opposite end of gym performing 3 burpees, then runs down to relieve striker.

Headbutt Forward

Headbutt to the Side

Combatives Drill: Striker begins in neutral with eyes closed. Pad holder gives verbal cue at very close range from either the side or the front. Striker performs appropriate headbutt, then when pad holder takes a step back, follows up with mid-range Level 1 combatives, i.e. punches/palms, or hammerfist to side followed up by punches/palms until pad holder calls "TIME!"

Advanced Technique: Gun from the Front

Drill: Ground and Pound Relay Remix; Groups of 2; one partner mounted on curved kickshield; the other partner standing at other end of the mat in neutral with eyes closed with a training gun and another curved kickshield next to them. Striker throws 20 Ground and Pound strikes to kickshield then sprints to partner and can either verbal cue for Combatives Drill from earlier OR make Gun from the Front attack. Defender makes appropriate defense and then sprints to kickshield while Attacker takes their place.



Axe Kick

Jumping Front Kick

Drill: Target recognition on curved kick shield; 2 punches, FKG, Round Kick, Axe Kick, or Jumping Front Kick

Drill: Add sprawls

Knife – threat, def. to dead side

Knife – threat, def. to life side

Drill: A/B Drill: Have defenders standing with their backs to a wall. Roaming attackers can apply Knife – threat, def. to dead side, Knife – threat, def. to life side, or any beginner/intermediate technique (especially Choke from the Front Against a Wall!). Defenders make sure to make space away from wall after defense.

**Bonus: can establish cones or landmarks in the room as exits/safety points and have defenders sprint to exit after making defense.**

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