Lesson Plans Tuesday, January 29, 2019

John Whitman
January 29, 2019

Straight Punches
Groin Kick
Drill: A/B drill with straight punches or groin kicks
Choke from the Side
Drill: eyes closed, choke from either side
Drill: eyes closed, choke from the side or strikes from any angle (hammer fist, straight punches, groin kicks)

Belt Drill
Headbutt forward
Focus Mitt Combination: Left, Right, Left Hook, Headbutt forward
Ground- Kick off from guard
Ground- Choke from the Side
Drill: Choke from the Side Ground- make space, kick attacker away; get up and work focus mitts (using today’s combo) then drop down and restart.

Axe Kick
Jumping Front Kick
Drill: Target recognition on curved kick shield; 2 punches, FKG, Round Kick, Axe Kick, or Jumping Front Kick
Drill: Add sprawls
Knife – threat, def. to dead side
Knife – threat, def. to life side
Drill: A/B Drill: Have defenders standing with their backs to a wall. Roaming attackers can apply Knife – threat, def. to dead side, Knife – threat, def. to life side, or any beginner/intermediate technique (especially Choke from the Front Against a Wall!). Defenders make sure to make space away from wall after defense.
**Bonus: can establish cones or landmarks in the room as exits/safety points and have defenders sprint to exit after making defense.**

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