Lesson Plans Tuesday, January 24, 2017

John Whitman
January 24, 2017

Beginner: (A1)
Hammerfist to the side
Basic Takedown Defense (changing height, moving feet)
Choke from the Side
Drill: Defender starts eyes closed. Attacker alternates randomly between bump with kick shield for hammerfist to the side and choke from side. Defender must get to control position and deliver 3-5 knees (if kick shield is present) or 3-5 general combatives if kick shield is absent.

Intermediate (A1):
Headbutts (forward, side, backward, and upward)
Bearhug Front (arms caught and arms free)
Focus mitt combos: defender starts with eyes shut, mitt holder places focus mitt very near defender's face and verbally gets defender's attention. Defender delivers appropriate headbutt followed by 2-3 combinations called by mitt holder.
Drill: Pad holder holds tombstone for broken flurries. Instructor yells, "GO," striker grabs pad, throws it aside and bearhugs pad holder from front (arms caught or free).

Advanced (A1):
Review front kick and side kick
Jumping front kick and side kick
Gun from side, behind the arm (touching)
Drill: Multiple attacker. 1-2 attackers with gun(s), 1-3 attackers with kick shields. Defender starts eyes closed, gun wielding attacker places weapon on defender's side behind the arm. Defender responses and once disarm occurs, kick shield attacker immediately issues verbal threat. Defender responds with jumping front kick or jumping side kick as determined by body position relative to kick shield.

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