Lesson Plans Tuesday, January 23, 2018

John Whitman
January 23, 2018

Beginner Class (A1) 
Warm Up: “Krav Maga Tango” (Fighting Stance facing partner @ punching range); 1 partner leads, other follows, Leader takes a step in any direction, wait for partner to respond by getting back in range
Front Kick Groin
Quick Drill: “Krav Maga Tango”; include punches and Groin Kicks
Drill: “Find the threat”. Striker lies face-down on mat covering eyes. Pad holder moves to a random location in the room. Instructor yells, “GO!” Striker must locate pad holder, sprint to them, deliver groin kick followed by a brief broken flurry. Instructor calls, “TIME!” once all strikers find their pad holders. Repeat.
Choke from Front (2 Handed)
Drill: 3-4 people (1 defender, 1 attacker for choke, 1-2 attacker(s) w/ tombstones)
Defender’s eyes shut, attacker chokes defender. Defender does 2 hand defense. Once defender reaches control position tombstone attacker gets defender’s attention and calls for groin kick followed by broken flurry punches. Defender resets & repeats.

Intermediate Class (A1)
Uppercut Punch
Retzev DRILL: Groups of 2. Tombstone pad holder holds pad for Straight Punches. Striker sends a continuous flow of Straights, Uppercuts, and Hammerfist Forward as fast as possible and in any combination. Repeat for several rounds.
Roll – Forward
Roll – Backward
DRILL: Retzev & Roll. Same as above. However, on Instructor’s cue of “Forward/Back” the Striker performs cued roll and returns to pad. Note Pad holder must adjust either moving forward or back depending on roll.
Advanced: Gun Front
DRILL: FINAL Roaming Attacker
Same as above, but Attacker approaches from the front and points gun. Return to striking after defense. NOTE: Include rolls if room permits, being aware of roaming attackers position in room.

Advanced Class (A1)
Shadow Boxing: 2 rounds of 2 minutes (opposite stance)
2 rounds of 3 minutes on focus mitts (or Thai pads). 1 minute regular stance, 2 minutes switch stance, 30 seconds rest between rounds
Gun from the Side- in front of the arm (both sides)
Drill: “Friend OR Foe?”
Groups of 5-8 people; 1 defender, 4-7 attackers with guns tucked in waistbands (easy draw location). Defender stands in middle of mat as attackers walk randomly within in 8’ or less of defender; 1 by 1, each attacker takes turns “bumping” into defender (as if on busy sidewalk). Upon bumping into defender, attacker either extends a hand for a handshake (friend) or pulls a gun and put it to defender’s side in front of arm (foe); Attackers should add in constant verbal chatter to confuse and disorient defender. Safety-in-Training: “Bump” does NOT mean “body check” or “knock down”. Be careful of accidental head-butts. Defender must identify threat/non-threat and respond appropriately

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