Lesson Plans Tuesday, January 11, 2022

John Whitman
January 11, 2022

Palm Heel Strike
DRILL: Find Your Partner
Groups of 2. Both Striker and Padholder jog randomly around room. Instructor cues for any number. Padholder stops. Striker locates, run to and sends cued number of Palm Heel Strikes. Both return to jogging after strikes.

Hammerfist Side
Groups of 3, Striker and 2 Padholders. Striker begins sending all out Palm Heels on Pad 1. Pad 2 cues for Side Hammer. Striker sends, orients and sends PH burst, then moves so Pad 2 is stacked in front of Pad 1. Now sending a Palm Heel burst to Pad 2, Pad 1 cues for Side Hammer.

Choke Side
Groups of 3, Defender, Padholder, Attacker. Defender sends Palm Heels to pad. Attacker applies Side Choke. Defend, and finish with Attacker stacked to Pad. Reset with strikes on Pad.

Uppercut Punch
DRILL: Retzev
Groups of 2, Striker, Padholder. Padholder holds pad as if Straight Punches. Striker sends a continuous flow of Straights, Uppercuts, and Hammerfist Forward as fast as possible and in any combination. Repeat for several rounds.

Roll - Forward
Roll - Backward
DRILL: Retzev & Roll
Same as above. However, on Instructor’s cue of “Forward/Back” the Striker performs cued roll and returns to pad. Note Padholder must adjust either moving forward or back depending on roll.

Advanced: Gun Front
DRILL: FINAL Roaming Attacker
Same as above, but Attacker approaches from the front and points gun. Return to striking after defense. NOTE: Include rolls if room permits, being aware of roaming attackers position in room.

DRILL: Knees Slow & GO! (after sufficient warmup)
Groups of 2, Striker, Padholder. Striker begins holding Muay Thai Clinch sending LIGHT, fast knees, alternating striking leg each strike. On “GO!” send all out HARD knees. On “Slow!” return to fast, light knees.

REVIEW: 360 & Inside Defense
Alternate attacker/defender after every attack.

REVIEW: Knife Downwad, Upward and Straight Stab

Knife Threat - Live Side
Knife Threat - Dead Side

DRILL - FINAL: Roaming Attacker.
Defenders scattered, neutral, eyes closed. Attack show Knife Threat. During defense attacker can attempt to pull away and send any Knife attack. Reset after defense.

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