Lesson Plans Tuesday, Januar 25, 2022

John Whitman
January 25, 2022

Ground - Back Position
Ground - Getup
Ground - Front Kick
Ground - Round Kick
DRILL: Bull in Ring
Groups of 4-5, Striker, 3 Padholders, 1 Focus Mitt Holder (if possible). Striker in Ground Back Position. Padholder positioned for Front Kick and either Side Kick, Focus Mitt Holder Kneeling by Striker’s head. Padholders cue for cue, Focus Mitt distracts with head swats if available. On “UP!” cue Striker gets up appropriately.

Choke - Rear
Same as above, but repeat for multiple rounds. On “UP!” Striker gets up, either a Padholder or Focus Mitt holder applies Choke. After defense, Striker returns to Ground position.

Hook Punch
Bas Combos 1-4
Front Kick w/ Advance (Neutral & Advancing)
Groups 2, Striker, Padholder. Instructor cues with number 1-4, indicating Bas Combo. After cue, Striker performs Front Kick w/ Advance followed by cued Bas Combo. Repeat for multiple rounds.

Headlock Side
Same as above but Padholder cues with number. Rotate through selecting pairs to roam and apply Headlock Side to Strikers.

Pad Combos:
Groups of 2. Thai Pad Holder cues for combo, Striker sends combo adding opposite side Round House Kick based on last punch thrown.

Jumping Round Kick
Pad Combo:
Same as above, but Striker performs appropriate side Jumping Round Kick, switching stance as necessary.

Gun Behind - Touching
Gun Behind - Touching w/o Space
Gun Behind - Touching Opposite Hand Bracing (if time)

Groups of 3, Defender, Thai Pad Holder, Roaming Attacker. Pad Holder cues for Combo+Jumping Kick as above. Roaming Attackers apply any Gun Behind attack above. Defend and return to Combos.

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