Lesson Plans Tuesday, February 6, 2018

John Whitman
February 6, 2018

Elbow 4 & 5
Turn and face drill: 1 striker, 1 tombstone pad holder. Striker stands in passive stance with eyes shut. Pad holder jars them with the tombstone and holds for either elbow 4 or 5. Striker looks to identify threat, delivers appropriate elbow then turns and faces pad holder to follow up with several strikes as quickly as possible.
Headlock from Behind
Drill: Repeat drill from above. Pad holders may now opt to use headlock from behind as well. Once complete, pad holders should go and attack someone else

Outside slap kick
Bearhug from Behind Arms Caught
Bearhug from Behing Arms Free
Drill: Group of 3. 1 pad holder, 1 striker, and 1 attacker. Pad holder holds for outside slap kicks. Striker delivers appropriate kick as quickly as possible. Attacker randomly bearhugs striker from behind (arms caught or free). Striker defends, finishes with combatives and then returns to drilling slap kicks. Note: Attacker should feel free to sometimes trap one arm and leave the other free. Safety note: Tombstone pads or kick paddles are best, focus mitts can be used but kicker should not deliver full power.

Review 360 defense with counters
Knife – defense vs. back slash
Knife – defense vs. forward slash
Knife – left handed attacker (forward & backward slash)
Drill: Group of 3. 1 focus mitt holder, 1 striker, 1 attacker. Striker and focus mitt holder free work on pads. Attacker randomly approaches striker from the side/behind and starts slashing forward and backward constantly. Striker must defend as quickly as possible and follow-up with combatives to neutralize attacker before returning to pad work. Attackers should attack someone different each time switching to left handed attacks at random. Note: It is not necessary for strikers to perform “textbook” disarm 100% of the time in order for the threat to be deemed neutralized. Throwing a volume of strikes while maintaining control of the knife wielding arm is sufficient.

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