Lesson Plans Tuesday, February 26, 2013

John Whitman
February 26, 2013

Palm Heel Strikes
Combo: Left/Left/ Right
Combo: Left/Left/Right/Right Knee
360 -- include control and knees
Drill: palm heel strikes to pads, attacker comes from either side with 360; make defense and add knees, then go back to striking the pad. NOTE! To keep the drill simple, have the 360 attackers use only their outside hand when attacking.
Choke Front (1 hand) - use the opposite side you are accustomed to.

Focus Mitts: Left/Right combo
Drill: Focus mitt holder hits the striker, striker covers; on the pad holder's signal, the striker makes left/right combination, then covers again.
Focus Mitt Combo: Left/Right/Liver Shot - focus on stepping in at an angle for body shot
Bearhugs -- all bearhugs from behind
Drill: groups of 3; one person has a large kicking shield; the striker makes continous strikes, HOWEVER, on the instructor's command, he must go "In!" for close range strikes and "Out!" for long range weapons. AT ANY TIME the third person can make Bearhug from Behind.

Focus Mitts: Right Cross/Slip Left/Right Cross
Knees - forward knee with a switch
Knees - rear knee with a small step of the forward foot
Long Gun Live Side (use the knees mentioned above)

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