Lesson Plans Tuesday, December 27, 2022

John Whitman
December 27, 2022


Punches- Straight Punch

Palm Heel Strike


Drill: A/B Combatives Drill: Groups of 3. A's stand at one end of the mat with pad. B's stand across from them at opposite end with curved kick shield. Third person from each group stands in between them. On instructor's call of "A!" Striker sprints to A and throws nonstop Punches and Palm Heel Strikes. On instructor's call of "B!" they sprint to B and thrown nonstop knees. Vary the length of striking time, sometimes only allowing one or two strikes before calling the other letter, sometimes exhausting them by going longer.

Choke from the Front, 1 handed Pluck

Choke from the Side

Drill: Round Robin. Groups of 3. One curved kick shield holder (A); One striker (B); One defender (C). B sprints to A and throws 10 palm strikes and 10 knees then takes pad from A. A sprints to where C is waiting in neutral with eyes closed and applies Choke from the Front or Choke from the Side. C defends and sprints to pad while A becomes the new Defender. Rotate through the positions for time.


Basic Takedown Defense

Thai Pads

Round 1: Basic combinations with a kick. On Padholder's call of "DOWN!" Striker performs Basic Takedown Defense and 4 knees.

Round 2: Basic combinations with a kick. On Instructor's call of "DOWN!" Striker does a push-up. Padholder runs to a different spot on the map. Striker gets up from push-up, finds their Padholder and sprints to them, throwing nonstop power punches (Left/Right combo) until Instructor calls "TIME!" at which point they return back to drill.

Round 3: Same as Round 2, except once Striker sprints to Padholder, they throw 2 round kicks right and 2 round kicks left nonstop until Instructor calls "TIME!"

Reflexive Defense v. Front Kick

Choke from the Front Against a Wall

Drill: A/B Drill Against a Wall. Split class into A's and B's. A's line up with their backs to a wall, eyes closed, in neutral stance. B's are roaming attackers and can apply Choke from the Front Against a Wall or give a verbal cue, and one A opens their eyes throw a Front Kick for Reflexive Defense v. Front Kick.


Thai Pad Cauldron

Round 1: Combinations 1-10 with a kick

Round 2: For every combo Padholder calls, Striker must throw that combo twice (i.e. 2K = Jab/cross/left kick/Jab/Cross/Left kick)

Round 3: For every combo Padholder calls, Striker must throw that combo three times!

Knife – threat def. to dead side

Knife – threat def. to live side

Drill: Monkey in the Middle. Groups of 3; 1 defender; 2 attackers. Attackers can apply either Knife attack from today's class or any attack from levels 1-3.

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