Lesson Plans Tuesday, December 18, 2018

John Whitman
December 18, 2018

Front Kick – practice from passive stance, followed by straight punches
Round Kick
Round Kick – focus on various angles: downward, horizontal, upward
Drill: Horseshoe Drill (Horseshoe Kicking Drill)
Wrist Releases – discuss aggressive v. soft responses based on situation and stimulus
Arm Pull — burst forward with counterattacks
Drill: Aggressive or Soft — the defender has eyes closed; the attacker grabs the wrist, sometimes pulling aggressively; the defender react according to the aggressiveness of the grab with either a wrist release OR bursting forward with counterattacks.
Straight Punches
Hammerfist Punches
Drill: pushed from side, give hammer fist followed by straight punches; resent with eyes closed
Outside Defenses 1-5
Choke Behind Review
Choke Behind with a Pull
Drill: eyes closed; Choke Behind Pull OR verbal warning and then straight punch from either side.


Thai Pads: Left/Right/step right and pivot/Right/Left Round
Thai Pads: Left Hook/Right/Left Hook/step left and pivot/Right Round
Gun – behind at a distance (live side & dead side)
Drill: Group of 3-4. 1 thai pad holder, 1 striker, 1-2 gunmen. Striker & pad holder free work both combinations from above. Gunmen verbally get striker’s attention from some reasonable distance behind. Striker performs appropriate defense, then returns immediately to pad work. Safety Note: Striker must hit barehanded in order to be able to perform defenses, encourage strikers to use palm heel strikes rather than punches on thai pads and/or encourage thai pad holders to lighten up on the amount of back pressure they give strikers.

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