Lesson Plans Tuesday, December 15, 2015

John Whitman
December 15, 2015


Wrist Releases - as part of warm up

Straight Punches

Drill: 30 seconds non-stop punching, three rounds


Round Kick

Combo: right round kick/right knee

Choke from Behind with a Push



Focus Mitts: Left/Right/step back to avoid jab/Right/Left/Right

Focus Mitts: Left/Right/Left Hook/step and pivot left/Right Uppercut/Right Straight

Outside Defenses 1-5

Drill: eyes closed until the attacker makes a verbal threat; attacker punches from any angle; defender must defend

Ground - Side Mount Control and Strikes

Ground - Hip Escape out of Side Control



Spinning Outside Slap Kick

Defend Spinning Outside Slap Kick using Round Kick Defense

Gun from the Front

Drill: do Gun from the Front while holding packages (pads and athletic bags are fine)

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