Lesson Plans Tuesday, December 13, 2016

John Whitman
December 13, 2016

Beginner (B3)
Left/Right Combintion
Round Kick (also work switch round kick)
Drill: Thai Pads- 2-3 minute rounds, straight punch combinations with round kicks, add sprawls in the second round
Choke from Front
Choke from Side
Choke from Behind
Drill: Monkey in the Middle- Groups of 5; One defender, non-stop attacks

Intermediate (D3)
Thai Pads- 3-2 minute rounds
Round 1- Left/Right/Right Elbow/Liver Shot/Left hook/Right Cross
Round 2- Add- Bob and weave/Left hook/Right Cross/Left Round Kick/Right Knee
Round 3- Put both combos together!
Choke from Behind with a pull
Hair Grab Behind
Bearhug Behind
Drill: Groups of 3; Defender, works combinations on Thai Pads, Attacker; makes makes any of the above attackes

Advanced (D3)
Jumping Spinning Back Kick
Jumping Spinning Heel Kick
General Def. V. Medium to High Kick
Inside Defense with counters
Slow Sparring- 1-2 min round- Open Hands, light contact
Hip Throw
Buck trap roll (quick review)
Elbow escape (quick review)
Drill: Slow Sparring with Hip throw- 2-2 min rounds- A's & B's
Round 1- A's are the Aggressors- Open hands, light contact sparring, on instructors signal "Down" A's are taking their partner (safely) down with a hip throw and quickly mounting them, B's must work to gain a better position, quickly get up on their feet and continue with Slow sparring.
Round 2- B's are now the Aggressors- Same drill as above.

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