Lesson Plans Tuesday, December 12, 2017

John Whitman
December 12, 2017

Hammerfist to the side
Drill: 1 striker,1 pad holder. Defender; eyes closed. Pad holder; bumps defender from the side or gives a verbal signal, Defender; executes a hammerfist to the side, turn towards the pad and continue with counter attacks until pad holder calls time!
Wrist Releases
Choke from side
Drill: 1 striker, 1 pad holder, 1 attacker. Striker starts on the ground (laying on stomach) with their eyes closed. Pad holder moves anywhere in the room. On instructors signal, Striker opens eyes, gets up, locates and advances towards the pad holder with non- stop strikes. Attacker; makes choke from the side. Striker defends, finishes the fight and then resets, face down.


Thai Pads- 3-2 minute rounds
Round 1- Left/Right/Right Elbow/Liver Shot/Left hook/Right Cross
Round 2- Add- Bob and weave/Left hook/Right Cross/Left Round Kick/Right Knee
Round 3- Put both combos together!
Hair Grab Side, impending knee
Hair Grab Behind
Drill: Groups of 3; Striker, works Thai Pad combinations. Attacker randomly performs hair grab attack on striker. Striker defends, finishes fight and returns to pad work.


Jumping Spinning Back Kick
Jumping Spinning Heel Kick
General Def. V. Medium to High Kick
Inside Defense with counters
Slow Sparring- 1-2 min round- Open Hands, light contact
Hip Throw
Buck trap roll (quick review)
Elbow escape (quick review)
Drill: Slow Sparring with Hip throw- 2-2 min rounds- A’s & B’s
Round 1- A’s are the Aggressors- Open hands, light contact sparring, on instructors signal “Down” A’s are taking their partner (safely) down with a hip throw and quickly mounting them, B’s must work to gain a better position, quickly get up on their feet and continue with Slow sparring.
Round 2- B’s are now the Aggressors- Same drill as above.

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